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  • Conferentiebijdrage
  • 12 juni 2022
  • ICT-innovaties in de zorg
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Transferable Therapy : Virtual Reality Mirror Therapy at Home


Mirror therapy is used in a broad spectrum of rehabilitation therapy ranging from phantom limb pain, stroke, peripheral nerve injury to cerebral palsy. With the development of a virtual reality (VR) environment for mirror therapy, patients can now practice independently of time and place. However, the challenges and needs of patients using VR at home are still unclear. In this study we therefore tried to answer the question: “what are the (experienced) challenges when using virtual reality mirror therapy at home”. Part of project: Virtual Reality for Rehabilitation - part 2 Bigger, Better, Broader.



Auteurs van deze publicatie:

  • Loes Bulle-Smid
  • Gido Hakvoort
  • Wouter Keuning
  • Martijn Klarenbeek
  • Coen Kniknie
  • Edwin Nibbering
  • Marike Hettinga