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  • 1 januari 2021
  • ICT-innovaties in de zorg
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From clinical reasoning to ehealth interventions : a study on how nurses asses care and ehealth in home care


The assessment of care in homecare today is complex. Nurses have to decide on care for clients with multiple health problems. Technological innovations promise solutions for support of self-management of older people. We do not know, however, how and when nurses assess eHealth. A qualitative study design was used, in which 43 homecare nurses participated in focus groups and think aloud interviews. The study shows that nurses believe a trusting relationship necessary in order to suggest eHealth interventions. Nurses say they need home visits for the assessment of eHealth. Nurses also have some strong opinions on eHealth, like the notion that eHealth isn't a fitting option for frail older people. It becomes clear that nurses need to see eHealth interventions fit for clients in a person-centred way and in close connection to health problems they've prioritised in order to assess it. Implications for practice and further research are to focus on how nurses can be convinced to assess and use eHealth in a person-centred way and how to discuss this with their clients. Next to that training and a tool that provides up to date information linked to frequently seen health problems are recommended.



Auteurs van deze publicatie:

  • Margreet van der Cingel
  • Loes Bulle-Smid
  • Sander Holterman
  • Hilco Prins
  • Wouter Keuning
  • Marike Hettinga