Drie studenten die een selfie nemen

Why Zwolle?

In the heart of the Netherlands you find the city of Zwolle. Of course, as a prospective student, you might be wondering why this place is the place to come and study! In this blogpost I will explain what I like about Zwolle, and what makes it unique.


The atmosphere is gezellig. Zwolle is not only alive at night, but also during the day people are sitting on terraces and wandering through the city. There are a lot of parks where you can chill when the sun is out, but there are also nice pubs where you can meet your friends for some beers. In every corner of Zwolle there is something charming to be found!


It’s easy to get around. From home, to the city, to university: Everything is biking or walking distance. In the Netherlands it’s really normal to bike, so there are also bicycle lanes everywhere.

Students everywhere

Students everywhere. Around 30,000 students study in Zwolle, thus the city is also very much catered towards us. There are student nights, debate evenings, lectures, movie nights, etc. These events create the opportunity to network and meet people from different studies. It’s the perfect way to make new friends!


It’s a well-connected city. Zwolle has a large train station that connects to the rest of the Netherlands, within an hour you find yourself in Amsterdam or Groningen. By public transport you can reach all corners of the country, and even easily pass the border into Germany. 

Zwolle is definitely worth exploring, you should give it a go!