Drie studenten die een selfie nemen


So, what is Talentenplein actually? Talentenplein is a set of three buildings in the city centre of Zwolle. There are a total of 357 apartments, in which students live. Also a large group of Windesheim Honours College students live here, and I’m one of those people.

Every room is different

SSH, the housing organisation in Zwolle, rents the apartments to students. A room at Talentenplein has total of 28 square meters. You have your own bathroom and your own kitchen, which is a real luxury. Also, the wifi and TV-costs are included in the rent. It’s really cool to see how everyone decorates their own space, and makes it their own. Every room is different!


Most WHC students live in the blue building, called ‘Fossa’. We regularly have parties, where we open multiple rooms and play different kinds of music in each room. We also do hallway dinners, which, I think, is a really cool way to enjoy food! Also, the sunset and sunrise from all the buildings are super beautiful!

Best of both worlds

The building offers the best of both worlds: all the pace and space of living on yourself, but all the fun of a student complex. Also, You can park your bike in the covered bicycle shed, so the risk that your bike gets stolen is very small. On top of that, Talentenplein has a communal laundry room, for all your washing needs. In the court-yard you will find a basketball court, where you can shoot some hoops with your fellow residents.

Talentenplein is a really cool place, and if you have the opportunity, you should definitely join us here!